Social Science 1 (5811)

Social Science 1 (5811)

Course Instructor : Mst. Shahonewas Seraj Subarna
Instructor of Social Science in Dafodil Polytechnic Institute
Social Science 1st part is discussed here

To provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding on:
# Importance of civics and its relationship with other social sciences.
# The relationship of an individual with other individuals in a society
# Social organizations, state and government,
# Rule of law, public opinion and political parties
# UNO and its roles
# The basic concepts and principles of economics and human endeavor in the economic system
# The realities of Bangladesh economy and the current problems confronting the country
# The role of Diploma Engineers in industries
# Occupations and career planning for Diploma Engineers

Civic and Social Sciences; Individual and Society; Nation and Nationality; Citizenship; state and
government; Law; Constitution; Government and its organs; public Opinion; Political Party; UNO
And its organs;
Scope and importance of Economics; Basic concepts of Economics- Utility, Wealth, consumption, income wages and salary and savings; Production- meaning, nature, factors and laws; demand and supply; Current economic problems of Bangladesh; Role of Diploma engineers in the economic development of Bangladesh; Occupations and career planning; Engineering team.

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