DIS Uttara-Grade 5-ICT

DIS Uttara-Grade 5-ICT

About this course:
A wide range of exercises

Questions based on thinking skills in Brain Teaser and Apply Your Knowledge

Additional facts and information in Know More

A section on Netiquettes and Computer Etiquettes included

A variety of interesting activities in Projects and Activities

Discussions on various concepts taught in Let’s Discuss

Sample lab activities with solutions in Do and Learn

Practical tasks to apply ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills on other subjects in In the Lab

Target Audience:

Schools & Students of class 5.

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction With Students
  • Versatile Computer
  • Generations of Computers
    • Worksheet-2 Grade -5 Chap-2
    • Handout-2 Grade -5 Chap-2
  • Data Storage Media
    • Worksheet-3 Grade -5 Chap-3
    • Handout-3 Grade -5 Chap-3
  • Know Your Desktop (Operating System)
    • Worksheet-4 Grade -5 Chap-4
    • Handout-4 Grade -5 Chap-4
  • Paragraph Formatting in MS Word
    • Worksheet-5 Grade -5 Chap-5
    • Handout-5 Grade -5 Chap-5
  • Advanced Features of MS Word
  • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Inserting Photo Album
    • Handout-7 Grade -5 Chap-7
    • Quiz-7
      10 xp
  • Algorithm and Flowcharts

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